Concerns Rise Over Kabul’s Severe Air Pollution

Story Highlights
  • Kabul air pollution greatly increases during the cold season.
  • People are mostly using coal, plastic and other cheap fuels in Kabul.
  • The illness related to respiratory is growing due to air pollution.

Kabul: Deep concerns are rising among Kabul residents over the worsening state of air pollution this winter. A number of Kabul residents have expressed concerns about the weather in the capital, saying that the indiscriminate use of polluting substances for heating, which has a negative impact on Kabul’s air quality, has caused serious problems in the city. They cite population density, the use of low-quality fuel and reduced rainfall as the main causes of air pollution in Kabul.

“We are witnessing air pollution in Kabul, and this pollution is increasing over time,” said Ahmad Hosseini, a resident of Kabul. “We call on the officials of the Islamic Emirate to present their plans/programs to reduce air pollution.” Khadijeh Mehryar, another resident of Kabul, said: “So far we have seen no plans from the government of the Islamic Emirate for the sake of the environment. They have not yet unveiled any program that can reduce air pollution.”

Residents of the capital are urging the National Environmental Protection Agency and the Kabul Municipality to consider ways and means to reduce air pollution in Kabul. Although the National Environmental Protection Agency did not comment on the agency’s plans, Nematullah Barakzai, Kabul Municipality’s media officer, said that owners of high-rises, public baths and restaurants had been warned about installing smoke purifier/filters. The public baths have made the same commitment.” Meanwhile, Ministry of Health officials warn of the damage caused by air pollution, saying that air pollution is the main cause of death in the country. According to officials, 80% of patients who visit Kabul health centres these days are respiratory patients due to air pollution.

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