Congress Captures Urban Civic Body Elections

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  • Congress has captured Sukma district, Bhopalpatnam and Bhairamgarh in Bijapur.
  • More than 60 per cent voters have exercised their votes.
  • Congress has won 15 out of 40 wards in Risali

Raipur: The election results of 15 urban bodies of Chhattisgarh are coming out. The ruling party Congress seems to be strong in the results so far. However, in some places, the BJP is giving a complete challenge. In Birgaon, there is a close fight between Congress and the BJP. Here Janata Congress Chhattisgarh J (Jakanch) and independents have also made their presence felt. According to the results and trends that have come so far, Congress has given a strong performance in Bastar. In Jamul Municipality, Congress has been wiped out. Here BJP has registered victory in 10 wards.

According to the State Election Commission, a total of 1,345 candidates are in the fray in 370 wards of 15 bodies and 48 candidates are in the fray in 15 by-elections. All eyes are on Birgaon, Bhilai, Bhilai-Charoda and Risali Municipal Corporations. Till 2 pm, Congress has won 15 out of 40 wards here, while it is leading in four. BJP has won on nine, is leading on one. Jakanch has also won three while leading on two. Independents have also won three wards. In Risali is Congress has won 10 places, while an independent candidate has won one. Here the performance of the BJP is very weak. It is believed that since the government is of Congress, so here People have voted in favour of Congress keeping in view the expectations of development.

In the general elections, the Congress has captured Konta in the Sukma district, Bhopalpatnam in Bijapur and Bhairamgarh. The counting of votes is almost complete in all three places. Congress has won 14 out of 15 wards of Konta Nagar Panchayat, BJP one, Congress five in 10 wards in Bhairamgarh and all 15 wards in Bhopalpatnam. By-elections were held in two wards of Jamul Municipality. Congress candidate Sunita Chennaivar has won from Ward 12 and her daughter and independent candidate Nisha Chennaivar from Ward 8. In the voting held on December 20th, more than 60 per cent of the 4 lakh 88 thousand 425 voters have exercised their votes.

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