Congress Lashes Center Over Downgraded Indian Economic Growth

New Delhi: The Congress today attacked the Centre over a World Bank report downgrading its economic growth forecast. The World Bank issued a report that showed India’s growth forecast trimmed for the fiscal year 2022-23 by a full percentage at 6.5 per cent, citing the deteriorating international environment. The Congress alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is hardly worried and is still indulging in empty slogans.

The report flagged the worsening of poverty numbers in India during the pandemic. Addressing a press conference in Delhi, Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinate alleged that the Modi government’s failures increased poverty during the pandemic.

She further highlighted that the rupee has hit a historic low of 82.33 to a dollar, 100 billion dollars worth of forex reserves have been eroded since the beginning of this year. Moreover the problems of current account deficit and fiscal deficit are looming large and trade deficit has doubled over the one-year period.

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