Congress March In Bhopal Against Inflation

Story Highlights
  • Congress took out a padyatra in protest against the rising inflation.
  • Betul MLA and Congress District President apprised the villagers.
  • Congress has demanded from the government that 4.4 lakhs.

Bhopal: In protest against the rising inflation in the country and the continuous increase in the prices of petrol and diesel, Congressmen took out a Jan Jagran Padyatra from Tuesday. The padayatra from Duda Borgaon in Betul block reached Kodaroti. Meanwhile, the Congressmen held the wrong policies of the Modi government responsible for increasing inflation by communicating with the common man.

On this occasion, Betul MLA and Congress District President apprised the villagers about the customs and policies of the Congress. During the Pad Yatra, Congress MLA Nilay Daga said that in Modi Raj, all sections of farmers, traders, students, students, rich and poor, all classes are troubled. Inflation has worked to snatch the morsel from the mouth of the common man. 

The price of petrol and diesel is skyrocketing, due to the huge increase in gas cylinders; it has become difficult for housewives to run the kitchen. On the other hand, Congress District President Sunil Sharma said that the Modi government is increasing the price of diesel and petrol to meet the expenses and is selling it to the government companies made with your blood and sweat. 

He said that in the Kamal Nath government of Congress, the bill for 100 units of electricity was Rs 100. Electricity bills of farmers were half. The price of manure of farmers has doubled, yet manure clearance is not being received. Congress has demanded from the government that 4.4 lakhs should be given to all those who have lost their lives in Corona.

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