Congress ‘Must Fight Diabolical Campaign Of BJP-RSS Ideologically’: Sonia Gandhi

Story Highlights
  • Sonia Gandhi chaired a meeting of the party's general secretaries
  • She projected the core Congress ideology.
  • Dharamlal Kaushik retaliated and counterpart Sonia Gandhi

New Delhi: Sonia Gandhi, the interim president of the Congress, said on Tuesday that her party must “fight the diabolical campaign of the BJP and RSS ideologically,” and that the fight to defend democracy, the Constitution, and the Party’s ideology must start with being fully prepared to identify and counter false propaganda. Sonia Gandhi, who was chairing a meeting, also instructed her party officials to re-emphasize the need for discipline and unity, as well as teach party workers on the BJP/ RSS’s never-ending barrage of poisonous disinformation tactics. Sonia Gandhi stated that the party must redouble its efforts to help the “victims” of the current federal government.

Sonia Gandhi further emphasised the importance of identifying and assigning Congress leaders and office bearers to the duty of transparently registering individuals in the party. “At the state, district, block, ward, and village levels, you must establish a clear delineation of these individuals’ roles,” she continued. 5 states are holding elections in the coming months. Workers and officials in the Congress party in these states are preparing to fight these conflicts. “Our campaign must be based on concrete policies and programmes that emerge from broad consultations with people from all walks of life,” she added.

Leader of Opposition Party Dharamlal Kaushik has retaliated and attacked Sonia Gandhi. Kaushik said that Congress is fighting for existence today. “What battle will such a Congress leader fight? Forget about BJP-RSS. They are just lying,” Kaushik added. He further said that he wants to invite Priyanka Gandhi to Chhattisgarh and let her see the fate of the state’s scheme. See how false promises were made but never fulfilled.

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