Contractors Boycott State Tenders; Govt Calls it a National Issue

Story Highlights
  • CG contractors boycott state tenders.
  • Cite a difference of 60 per cent in rates issued.
  • The boycott was called after several meetings last week.

Raipur: CG Contractors Association had decided to boycott tenders floated by the state govt until May 30th citing the huge difference in the rates issued at the tenders and market prices. According to the contractors, there is an over 60 per cent difference in the rates.

“With the sudden inflation in prices, contractors are in heavy debt trying to complete the projects they have,” said Biresh Shukla, state president of the association.

“This is a national-level issue owing to incessant inflation in prices of steel, cement and other raw materials. The association has been advised to present instances of remedial/relief measures undertaken by other state governments. We are committed to infrastructure development and will consider the demands in right earnest,” a government statement said. Sources claim that the boycott is affecting the tenders worth Rs 200 crore.

The boycott was called last week after multiple meetings with the government were held. The association members convened with the chief engineer of the Public Works Department and said- “I request the government to look into the way the Gujarat government has helped their contractors. We would like a loan from the government to save us from a financial burden to be able to work and take new tenders. The association president further added that they demanded uniform norms across the department.

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