Coonavirus Loot: Vegetable prices shoot up as people gear up for 7-day lockdown in Chhattisgarh’s Raipur

Raipur: Ahead of the complete 7-day lockdown in the Chhattisgarh’s Capital Raipur starting today at 9pm onwards, the prices of fruits, vegetables and some other essential items went up dramatically.

According to the source, Tomatoes are being sold in the capital at Rs 120 a kg. Not only tomatoes, but other vegetables are also sold at twice-thrice times the original price. However, vegetables have become cheaper in bulk than before, but due to compulsion in lockdown, people are forced to buy quadrupled from standalone vegetable traders.

The entire weekend, as well as Monday, saw people rush to get vegetables, fruits and other products but were taken aback by the prices they were asked to pay.

The vegetable market president Srinivas Reddy said that the price of tomatoes in wholesale market has decreased compared to  earlier. “Earlier where tomatoes were 1200 rupees crate, today they are selling at a rate of 800 rupees. Talking in terms of kilos, tomatoes in bulk are costing 35 to 40 rupees per kg, however, many are complaining that local and standalone vegetable vendors are asking for Rs. 120 per kg.”

This comes due to Coronavirus lockdown. Not only tomatoes, but also other vegetables are being sold at twice the price than the wholesale price.

“Prices of all vegetables increased manifold within a few hours of the announcement of the total lockdown. Most of the vegetables are being sold at a price of 100 to 120 rupees. Today I bought a vegetable worth 800 rupees,” said Kalpesh Lanjewar.

Another consumer, Ajay Jain also said that vegetables are substantially expensive today. “Today we have bought a vegetable worth 1400 rupees, And that too is not of very good quality. The traders have only time today, so they are also doing their own arbitrary.”

Rates of Vegetables

Standalone vendors – Tomato 70 to 80, Potato 60, Chilli 80, Eggplant 40, Bitter Gourd 60, Gourd 40, Coriander 160 to 200, Coral 120, Onion 45 to 50, Carrot 50 to 60, Capsicum 60 to 80, Garlic 150 and Cucumber 60 Rupee  per kg.

Wholesale Vendors – Tomato 35, Potato 50, Chilli 50, Eggplant 25, Bitter Gourd 40, Gourd 16, Coral 60, Coriander 100, Onion 30 to 35, Carrot 20, Shimla 40, Garlic 120, Cucumber 25 Kg





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