Corona update: Government to set up 20 lakh ‘Suraksha Stores’ for essential goods, consumer durables, apparels and salons.

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  • Government plans 20 lakh 'Suraksha' retail shops to provide daily essentials all across the country
  • Keeping the safety intact, social distancing of 1.5 meters outside the shop will be followed rigorously
  • As more than 9000 covid-19 cases has been registered in India, Government is leaving no stone unturned to battle this pandemic outbreak.

INDIA: The central government plans to set up a network of 20 lakh ‘Suraksha Stores’ to retail essential goods during lockdown. The stores will transform local kirana stores into specially sanitised outlets.

The Union Government plans to open 20 lakh Suraksha Stores across India in the coming 45 days, the Press Trust of India Reported. The aim is to provide citizens with essential goods whilst following strict health and safety procedures to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

The objective of starting two million suraksha stores across the country is to prevent community transmission of Corona. The central government plans to open such security stores across the country. All security measures will be taken in these shops and people coming here will be provided with all their daily necessities. The Central Government is preparing to implement this scheme on the basis of Public Private Partnership i.e. PPP model.The ‘Suraksha Store’ will not only be for groceries but also consumer durables, apparel and salons.

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs also plans to launch a ‘Suraksha Circle’ to link all parts of the FMCG supply chain to ensure proper safety procedures are followed. Larger manufacturers will be expected to help smaller enterprises to follow regulations and ensure optimum safety. An online certification programme will be launched to ensure appropriate protocol is followed.

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