Corona Fight: Pfizer Pitches Medicines Worth USD 70 Million to India as COVID-19 Relief

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  • Pfizer extends help
  • Chairman and CEO, Albert Bourla declared on LinkedIn
  • Supplies medicine worth USD 70 Million

World: Global Pharma Giant Pfizer announced supporting India supplying medicines worth USD 70 million from its distribution centre in the US, Europe, and Asia, Chairman and CEO Albert Bourla said on Monday. While posting his announcement on Linkedin, the Chief forwarded the same to the Pfizer India employees stating,” We are deeply concerned by the critical COVID-19 situation in India, and our hearts go out to you, your loved ones, and all the people of India.”  “We are committed to being a partner in India’s fight against this disease and are quickly working to mobilize the largest humanitarian relief effort in our company’s history,” Bourla said. 

Currently, the employees at distribution centres in the US, Europe, and Asia are striving to forward the shipments dedicated for COVID treatment to the Indian Government as part of COVID-19. The Chairman quotes to ensure public health in India is not sabotaged by the deadly virus. He said,”  We are donating these medicines to help make sure that every COVID-19 patient in every public hospital across the country can have access to the Pfizer medicines they need free of charge.” 

Pfizer announced to contribute medications worth more than USD 70 million to the Indian Subcontinent as an aid to uplift the deteriorating health care.  The Pharma giant pledges to work with NGO partners and the Government to help provide the best help possible.

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