Corona Fight: Raipur Reports a Decline in its Active Count; 1150 Oxygen Supported Beds Vacant

Story Highlights
  • Raipur reports several beds unoccupied across the 112 COVID care centres and Hospitals
  • Nearly 1150 oxygen-supported beds are available across the district
  • Out of 998, 776 beds are vacant

Raipur: Chhattisgarh presents a decline in its active cases in recent days. After a spike in the previous month, the positivity rate has dived to a sustainable point. As per sources around 53% of beds with oxygen support are vacant across the hospitals in Raipur. According to an analysis by the Health Department, 767 out of 998 beds across 112 COVID establishments in Raipur are vacant. 

Nearly 1150 beds out of the 2170 oxygen support beds are vacant while 333 ICU beds are also available now. As of Sunday, 374 beds out of 1024 ICU beds and 131 of 346 ventilators were unoccupied. The administration has directed the citizens to check for available COVID establishments on cgcovidjansahayta.com. 

According to the data documented by the 425 government-run private COVID centres in Raipur, nearly 13,699 beds are vacant out of 30,998 beds.

The State Health Department recorded a 91% recovery rate in Raipur. So far more than 1.30 lakh patients have recuperated and are under home isolation. The state as a whole reports 44% decline in its active count.

However, the administration is still gearing up its facilities to combat any emergencies that might prevail, said Dr Subash Mishra, Media In charge, Health Department.

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