Corona Global: 7 Million cases and atleast 4 lakh deaths, covid19 continues to spread at alarming rate

The world has been dealing with the coronavirus pandemic for more than 5 months now. There are now at least 7 million confirmed Covid-19 cases worldwide, according to Johns Hopkins University. It took just over a week for the number of global cases to rise from 6 to 7 million.

The global death toll from coronavirus has reached 400,000, with the US and Brazil accounting for more than a third of all infections and all deaths.

So far, the active cases all around the world have been 3162087 with 3813958 closed cases. The total number of active cases has been proportionate with the total number of total cases around the world. Although the mortality rate has been higher the officials have claimed that the fatality rate of the disease is lower. This has created a wide gap.

The United States of America nears the 2 Million mark now, has at least 1,942,363 cases of coronavirus and 110,514 related deaths. Currently, the US is the worst hit country with a daily count of more than 20,000 caseloads.

Brazil has the second-highest number of infections of the world behind the US, with more than 685,000 cases. Currently, at 691,758 confirmed cases, Brazil has been severely hit country with over 36,455 succumbed to the virus, the third-highest toll in the world behind the US and Britain.

As other nations in Europe report sharply lower new coronavirus cases, Russia has recorded nearly 9,000 new infections over the past day. Presently, at the third number, Russia has recorded over 476,043 cases. Russia has tallied 5,859 deaths overall, a number which is relatively low with the number of cases

India stood at fifth with 2,56,611 cases and 7015 deaths. The country has reported 118695 recovery cases.

Important highlights of the Global Update:

  • USA  – 1,942,363 confirmed cases and 1,10,514 deaths
  • BRAZIL – 6,91,758 confirmed cases and 36,455 deaths
  • RUSSIA – 4,76,043 confirmed cases and 5,963 deaths
  • UK – 2,87,621  confirmed cases and 40,625 deaths
  • INDIA – 2,56,611 confirmed cases and 7,015 deaths
  • SPAIN – 2,41,550  confirmed cases and 27,136 deaths
  • ITALY – 2,34,998  confirmed cases and 33,774 deaths
  • PERU – 1,96,515  confirmed cases and 5,465 deaths
  • FRANCE – 1,91,102 confirmed cases and 29,158 deaths
  • GERMANY – 1,85,869 confirmed cases and 8,689 deaths

It has been 17 days since the last new case was reported in New Zealand, and today also marks the first time since late February that there have been no active cases. New Zealand will lift all domestic COVID-19 restrictions from Tuesday. The country has recorded 1,504 confirmed cases till date.

Till now, no vaccine has been reported to confirm any positive news. The vaccination procedures have been going on and the clinical research has been up. Although no positive news has been aired the researchers have been hoping that they would be able to prepare the doses by the last month of the year.

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