Corona Global: More than 4.2 Million infected worldwide; Russia & Brazil, new epicenter for coronavirus?

The coronavirus pandemic has turned into a biological disaster and continues to cost human lives on a mass scale. With more than 4.2 million people infected with Covid-19, there are nearly 291,981 people who have been killed by the deadly virus.

On Tuesday, 50,422 new Covid-19 cases and 2,413 deaths were reported across the world taking the total count of confirmed cases to 4,262,799 worldwide. Meanwhile, the death toll has approached 291,981. There are 2,462,745 patients under active supervision whereas 1,550,417 patients have recovered till now. 

Important highlights of the global update : 

  • 6,533 new cases and 408 new deaths in the United States.
  • 3,403 new cases and 627 new deaths in the United Kingdom.
  • 1,377 new cases and 1,76 new deaths in Spain.
  • 1402 new cases and 172 new deaths in Italy. 
  • 1,439 new cases and 147 new deaths in Brazil.
  • 3,213 new cases and 114 new deaths in India.
  • 1,305 new cases and 108 new deaths in Mexico.
  • 10,899 new cases and 107 new deaths in Russia.

Top 10 countries of the world reporting maximum active cases: 

  • United States : 1,046,597
  • Russia : 193,427
  • United Kingdom : 186,615
  • France : 94,056
  • Brazil : 91,426
  • Italy : 81,266
  • Spain : 62,130
  • India : 48,370
  • Peru : 44,445
  • Turkey : 40,150

At present, Russia is facing some of the worst outbreaks in the world with the highest increase in new cases reported from the country everyday since the last two weeks. On Tuesday, Russia even replaced the United Kingdom from second place with the second highest number of active cases in the world.

On a similar note, Brazil too is seeing more new daily cases than any other country except the US & the UK. Brazil had jumped up a position replacing Italy which had more number of active cases earlier.

Italy became the country hardest hit by Covid-19 after China as the pandemic shifted to Europe. But after weeks of strict lockdown, Italy has turned the corner and the rate of deaths and active cases is beginning to decrease.  

There has been a slight decline in active cases in Spain & Turkey along with Italy. Meanwhile, India has seen a huge spike in cases and has achieved 8th highest place with its tally of active cases.

Meanwhile, the health ministry of Spain reported that the number of newly diagnosed cases of coronavirus in Spain in one day fell on Tuesday to its lowest in more than two months. 

Top 10 countries of the world reporting maximum deaths: 

  • United States : 82,203
  • United Kingdom : 32,692
  • Italy : 30,911
  • Spain : 26,920
  • France : 26,643
  • Brazil : 11,772
  • Belgium : 8,761
  • Germany : 7,667
  • Iran : 6,733
  • Netherlands : 5,510

According to the data, the average count of deaths due to COVID-19 in Europe were much higher than Asia in early March when Italy, Spain & the UK became the new global hotspots after China.

From April, the United States has become the epicenter of COVID-19 as the positive cases and the number of deaths has remained consistently high. Recently, different countries of South America along with Mexico has seen an increase in deaths by 20% due to surge in deaths in Brazil, Ecuador & Mexico. Peru too has seen a rise in cases & is among the top ten countries reporting huge numbers. 

Belgium & Netherlands continue to report new deaths. The death rates in both the countries have been among the highest death rates reported across the world.

The city of Wuhan, where the coronavirus emerged late last year, has now ordered that all residents should be tested in the next 10 days after 6 new cases were reported in one neighborhood.

Therefore, the recent rise in cases in South Korea, China & Iran after flattening the curve to some extent warns us that it will take continuous & constant efforts to contain the virus even when no cases are reported.

On Tuesday, the French Health Minister Olivier Veran reminded the citizens to ensure preventive measures amid relaxations as he said, “It’s not over. The virus continues to circulate” He further said that parks and gardens would remain closed in Paris and the greater Paris region to limit the risk of a second wave of coronavirus infections as France gradually eases a nationwide lockdown.

Meanwhile, Japan plans to approve its first coronavirus antigen testing kits on Wednesday in a move to boost the number of diagnostic tests available to battle the pandemic. 

It’s been more than 4 months in which the coronavirus cases and deaths have spread around the world. At present, in many parts of Europe and Asia, authorities believe infections have peaked and are planning to lift the restrictive lockdowns that have disrupted the global economy.

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