Corona Global: US, UK & Italy reported maximum deaths while Russia records maximum new cases

Story Highlights
  • Global coronavirus cases surge to 3.8 million, death toll at 269,584
  • WHO has reported that nearly 1,000 health workers in Africa are infected with Covid-19
  • 1,257,023 people have been infected with the coronavirus across the US, while the death toll has surged to 75,662

While the whole world is busy in developing a possible vaccine as a permanent solution to the Coronavirus, the COVID-19 continues to deteriorate the situation in a majority of the countries across the planet.

More than 3.8 million cases of the novel coronavirus, including at least 267,000 deaths have been recorded worldwide, according to Johns Hopkins University. On Thursday, 53,483 new positive cases of Coronavirus were reported taking the total count to 3,870,865. With 2,934 new deaths , the death toll has reached 267,771 globally. There are 2,276,225 active cases while 1,326,869 patients have recovered so far.

Important highlights of the Global Update :

  • 7,967 new cases and 759 new deaths in the US.
  • 5,614 new cases and 539 new deaths in the UK.
  • 1,401 new cases and 274 new deaths in Italy.
  • 3,173 new cases and 213 new deaths in Spain.
  • 705 new cases and 99 new deaths in Sweden.
  • 11,231 new cases and 88 new deaths in Russia.
  • 455 new cases and 84 new deaths in the Netherlands.
  • 639 new cases and 76 new deaths in Brazil.

Meanwhile, over 1.2 million cases and more than 75,000 Covid-19 related deaths have been recorded in the United States. 7,976 fresh cases & 759 deaths due to the coronavirus were reported in the last 24 hours.

With 11,231 new cases today, Russia reported the maximum new cases in the world, continuously for two days. The total cases in Russia has jumped up two places reporting the fifth highest count of confirmed cases worldwide.

The United Kingdom reported 5,614 new cases & 539 new deaths in the last 24 hours. The death toll in the country is at 30,615, the highest in Europe.

Italy & Spain too reported more than 200 deaths in a day. Italy stands at the third place while Spain at the fourth position according to the death toll of the nations.

Small countries of Europe like Belgium, Sweden, Netherlands with comparatively higher death rate struggle to control deaths in the country due to Coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organisation has reported that nearly 1,000 health workers in Africa are infected with Covid-19.

Top 10 countries of the world with maximum cases:

  • United States : 1,271,059
  • Spain : 256,855
  • Italy : 215,858
  • United Kingdom : 206,715
  • Russia : 177,160
  • France : 174,191
  • Germany : 168,912
  • Turkey : 133,721
  • Brazil : 127,389
  • Iran : 103,135

Top 10 countries of the world with maximum deaths:

  • United States : 75,558
  • United Kingdom : 30,615
  • Italy : 29,958
  • Spain : 26,070
  • France : 25,809
  • Brazil : 8,605
  • Belgium : 8,415
  • Germany : 7,336
  • Iran : 6,486
  • Netherlands : 5,288

More than five months after the coronavirus pandemic broke out in China, the Chinese government said today that all mainland counties are now at a “low-risk” of the outbreak. However, the spokesperson of National Health Commission Mi Feng said China is still faced with a high level of uncertainty.

Meanwhile, France will start lifting its stay-at-home restrictions from Monday. However, the borders of the country shall continue to remain closed.

On a similar note, the government of Italy announced today that the Masses and religious ceremonies, such as weddings, will resume in Italy on May 18 under strict safety measures.Those services had been banned for almost two months due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Japan has approved the use of an experimental anti-viral drug remdesivir, for the treatment of coronavirus patients with severe symptoms. And Moscow has extended the lockdown till the end of this month.

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