Corona Global: World health organisation to commence their annual meet today; Coronavirus probe to be main agenda

India has supported a 122-nation coalition led by the European Union and Australia demanding an independent investigation into the coronavirus outbreak at the WHO’s annual World Health Assembly (WHA) meet

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  • World Health Organization (WHO) is convening its annual meeting on Monday
  • Many join call for independent probe into pandemic, firstly drafted by Australia and European Union

GENEVA: The spread of novel coronavirus has gradually increased all over the globe affecting over 4.7 Million people and killing over 3,00,000. This unprecedented global crisis raised questions on WHO’s coordination and advisory role during the outbreak.

On Monday, World health organisation biggest annual meet will witness the discussion on Australia and European Union-drafted motion to seek a probe into the origin of the coronavirus disease, WHO involvement and its workings to tackle this pandemic outbreak.

The World Health Assembly, the key decision-making body of the World Health Organization, meeting Monday afternoon, 3.30 pm IST. Among 194 union nation representatives, India’s health minister will represent the country.

As per the latest report, Over 122 countries, including India, USA, Australia, Russia, 50 African nations and all European Union member states calls for a systemic review of the world’s response to Covid-19. They demand for impartial, independent and comprehensive evaluation of coronavirus origin and its take on the world which substantially increased globally.

The inquiry motion submitted by European Union does not mention the origins of the coronavirus, but does call on the “actions of WHO and their timelines pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic” to be among the issues examined.

The two-day 2020 assembly will be held virtually, starting Monday because of the ongoing Covid-19 crisis around the world. This will mark as the 73rd World heath Assembly meet, which is said to be dedicated to the global impact of coronavirus pandemic outbreak.

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