Corona horror: COVID Patient Dies Outside the Hospital While the State Health Minister Inspects the Hospital

Story Highlights
  • Hospital staff busy with an inspection held by the State Health Minister
  • State BJP President Deepak Prakash tweets about the situation
  • The patient dies while waiting for the doctor

Jharkhand: The COVID dearth displayed the standard of the health care facilities in the nation after a patient lost his life to COVID waiting outside the hospital for the doctor to attend him.

This incident is reported from Ranchi after a COVID patient was bought from Hazaribagh for better treatment.  

As per the sources, the family reached the hospital in the morning but could not get a bed in any of the private hospitals and finally reached Sadar Hospital. Subsequently, the Health Minister Banana Gupta was analysing the COVID facility of the same hospital. 

The kind of the deceased alleged absence of doctors to attend the patient which ultimately killed him. On sighting the Health minister, the daughter of the deceased said, “Mantri Ji! We kept on shouting for the doctors but no one turned up to help my father. We were standing outside for my father to get admitted to the hospital but no one was there to attend him and finally, he succumbed for want of treatment.”

 “Every day the number of Covid patients is increasing and we have to make alternate arrangements of beds accordingly. We have already asked the private hospitals to reserve 50 percent beds for COVID patients,” said the health minister.

 Meanwhile, State BJP President Deepak Prakash alleged the woman lost her father only due to the negligence of the State Government. His Twitter post read, “the woman lost her temper before the health minister as she lost her father due to the negligence of the State Government. After all, when will the Chief Minister realize his responsibilities.”

Jharkhand reported a surge after 3,198 single-day cases were observed. Nearly 1,47,792 cases and 1,292 cases have been recorded so far in the state.

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