Corona Horror: Shortage of PPE kit endangers the life of Doctors & Nurses – Medical Expert

Due to this pandemic outbreak, many safety equipment shortage is being faced worldwide

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  • Indore physician becomes the first frontline doctor to die of Coronavirus
  • Complaints of Shortage of Personal Protective Equipment doing the rounds all across the globe

INDIA: As the coronavirus threat looms large over India with the number of reported cases escalating every day, medical experts have pointed out that major hospitals in the country are currently facing a shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE).Doctors are facing a number of challenges due to the growing outbreak of Coronavirus.

Doctors and nurses are undergoing from lack of personal protection equipment (PPE) at a government hospital in Bengaluru. Doctors are continuously treating corona patients for 6 to 7 hours. This will blow your mind that during this period, doctors, nurses also avoid to drink water and going to the washroom. Not only this, but they also cannot wear their suits again. According to international standards, a set of PPE can be used for a maximum of 7 hours.

In Karnataka, along with different parts of the country, there is pressure on doctors and nurses to conserve resources due to lack of PPE. AC and fans are closed to prevent coronavirus, so doctors and nurses sweating a lot inside. Now question raise that after this all situation how can the public can trust the government. On one side our pm Narendra Modi is appealing people to lit the diyas of hope and on another side, our health warriors are not getting enough equipment to save people life. Now it’s high time for central govt. to focus on real issue rather than just diverting the public.

Meanwhile central govt. announced a financial package that would help improve the deteriorating economic situation during the 21-day long lockdown. However, this financial assistance announced by the government proved far less in the current scenario. This package is announced for helping those people, who are in dire need of financial help in the coming months. But we can see no ground root implement of this package.These are the people who are the poorest people of society and who are most affected by any economic shock.

These people live on daily, weekly or menstrual wages. And they have nothing in the name of savings either to face any difficulty faced by sudden income closure. Till now there is no proper arrangement for their travel. Most of them are forced to stay where they are right now till the lockdown ends.

“PM cares fund has already collected lump sum amount of 6500 crores” why is it still lacking?

People from all types of financial background are coming forward to take part in this war against corona by donating some amount of money in pm care fund. But still central govt. Is not being able to provide PPE to their doctors. It’s been reported that China is donating 1 lakh 70 thousand PPE set to the Indian government. Before it, India has only 20 thousand people.

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