Corona Horror: US Administration rejects India’s plea to export vaccine’s raw material

The Senate Faithful Towards its Citizens; Denies Vaccine Export Tentatively

Story Highlights
  • The US denies support to India
  • Prioritises its own citizens for vaccination
  • Germany may not help India as chancellor Angela Merkel expressed doubts

The US Administration has rejected India’s plea to export vaccines, citing their citizens as a priority. After, the Indian Government exported all their initial batches of vaccine; it now approaches neighbouring lands to aid vaccine support.  Responding to journalists, the US State Department spokesperson said, “we have a special responsibility to the American people”.

“It’s of course not only in our interest to see Americans vaccinated; it’s in the interests of the rest of the world to see Americans vaccinated.” This statement portrayed the supremacy of the Americans across the world.

Talks have been around between Foreign minister S Jaishankar and Anthony Blinken on easing the veto. Foreign secretary Harsh Shringla has held a similar discussion with Wendy Sherman, US deputy secretary.

 Meanwhile, German chancellor Angela Merkel expressed doubts about helping India develop its pharma sector, especially as India has tightened its pharma exports in the context of the ongoing Covid crisis.

She further said, ” Of course, we have only allowed India to become such a large pharmaceutical producer in the first place, also from the European side, in the expectation that this should then also be complied with. If that is not the case now, we will have to rethink.” Hinting Germany’s second thoughts over aiding the largest pharmaceutical producer in the world.

Earlier on Thursday, John Nkengasong, director of the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, warned India against blocking vaccine exports to Africa under the COVAX program, as most countries in the African continent are still thriving for vaccines. 

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