Corona Horror: Video of Agra Man Kneeling before Police regarding Oxygen Cylinder Goes Viral

Story Highlights
  • The man has arranged the oxygen cylinder for his mother
  • The video was captured outside the private Upadhyay Hospital in Agra
  • The Youth Congress questioned CM of Uttar Pradesh about the inhuman act captured in video

Agra: A video of a man in Agra, Uttar Pradesh went viral as he dropped to his knees on the road and pleaded with the police for an oxygen cylinder. A report stated that the man was begging the police not to take away the oxygen cylinder that he has arranged for his mother. But the police claimed that the man was only requesting an oxygen cylinder while an empty one was being taken away.

In the video, it can be seen that the man dressed in a PPE suit fell at the feet of policemen and was pleading with his hands folded. The man wept and said, “Aapke charno mein vinti karta hoon…Bhaiya meri ma ko bacha lo”. The video was captured outside the private Upadhyay Hospital in Agra. But the police stated a different scenario. The Agra police said, “Two days ago, because of a shortage of oxygen in Agra, some people were arranging their own personal cylinder and giving them to hospitals for their relatives’ treatment. In this video, the man is requesting the police to arrange cylinders for him too so his relatives inside the hospital can be treated”.

The Youth Congress shared the video and wrote, “This is a really heart-breaking video. A man is begging in front of a policeman not to take an oxygen cylinder he has arranged for his mom in Agra, UP. This is a total inhuman act by the police. Is this how you should treat your fellow citizens Mr. Yogi?”

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