Corona India: 3,722 new cases of covid_19 registered in the last 24 hours; Maharashtra accounts for 40% alone

INDIA: On Wednesday, the tally of Coronavirus cases in India crossed the 78,000 mark with nearly 3,700 new positive cases and 134 deaths due to COVID-19. Among the Asian countries, it is the highest fatalities reported in the last 24 hours.

Out of 3,722 new positive cases, Maharashtra has reported nearly 40% of them with 1,495 new infections in the state. The total count of the state is now approaching 26,000 mark with nearly 19,400 active cases. The death toll in the state too is nearing the 1000 count.

At present, there are 78,194 confirmed cases with a death toll of 2,551 in the country. 26,400 patients have recovered so far while 49,243 patients are still struggling against the disease. India has the eighth highest number of active cases in the world and the numbers continue to rise with no sign of relief.

Top 10 states reporting maximum cases : 

  • Maharashtra : 25,922
  • Gujarat : 9,267
  • Tamil Nadu : 9,227
  • Delhi : 7,998
  • Rajasthan : 4,328
  • Madhya Pradesh : 4,173
  • Uttar Pradesh : 3,729
  • West Bengal : 2,290
  • Andhra Pradesh : 2,137
  • Punjab : 1,924

States Reporting maximum deaths : 

  • Maharashtra : 975
  • Gujarat : 566
  • Madhya Pradesh : 232
  • West Bengal : 207
  • Rajasthan : 121
  • Delhi : 106
  • Uttar Pradesh : 83
  • Tamil Nadu : 64
  • Andhra Pradesh : 47
  • Telangana : 34

Tamil Nadu has reported the second highest new cases, however slightly lower than its record in the last few days. The active cases in the state have reached 6,987 much higher than that in Gujarat.

The total cases in the state is 9,227 with a death toll of 64 lower than many other states

While the top ten worst hit states account for more than 90% of the total cases in the country, many other states are also reporting substantial numbers of patients indicating a much faster transmission of the virus in the country.

Other than the top ten states, the tally of total çases in Telangana too has crossed the 1000 mark while Jammu & Kashmir (971), Karnataka (959) & Bihar (940) are also approaching 1,000 confirmed cases. Meanwhile, Haryana, with 793 cases and Odisha with 538, have reported more number of cases than Kerala. However, the active cases in all these states are comparatively lower with the highest in Bihar (545).

Chandigarh, Jharkhand & Tripura have reported cases between a range of  150 & 200. Tripura has become the most severely affected state in the last week due to the unusual outbreak in the state. 

A similar outbreak is observed in Assam as well as 15 new cases are reported today. The total active cases in the state has reached 39 which have been quite low for a long period.

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