Corona Miracle: Amid the trepidation of COVID19, Chhattisgarh couple named their new born twins “Corona and COVID”

Raipur, Chhattisgarh: Presently, Corona and  COVID-19 are synonymous of terror in the world. But the scenario in Chhattisgarh altogether tells us a different story, Vinay Verma and Preeti Verma, residents of the capital named their twin boy & girl as “Covid” & “Corona” respectively .The mother Preeti has given birth to the twins at Medical College Hospital, Raipur about a week ago, she named them two days ago in which the son was named as COVID and the daughter as Corona.

When a reporter asked about this, Mrs Verma said that right now corona has developed shadow of fear and terror in the hearts of everyone, so to remove the fear of corona from the people mind, they decided to name their children after them .While some people have supported this decision on social media, but most of them have criticized it as a sign of bad luck.  Mother and children are completely healthy. One child weight is 2.9 kg and the other weight is 2.7 kg.

Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar Memorial Hospital’s doctors performed the operation and gave birth to the two children. Public relations officer of the hospital, Shubhra Singh, said that the woman was brought here when she complained about the labor pan.When Preeti is questioned about why she gave this name to their children. She replied that when no vehicle was being found due to this pandemic, her husband took her to a hospital by his motorcycle. It was midnight, they were intercepted and interrogated by policemen at many places along the way.

And she also said that there is a lot of concern and fear among the people about this disease, in such a situation, she has tried to reduce some stress of the people by naming them trending.

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