Corona Recovery: India stands at top in recovery rate in the world; Turkey at second position

World: From past two weeks, India is subsequently performing well on chart of recovered cases. At present, India stood at number 1 in recovery rate, according to the John Hopskins report, underlining that countries like the US, Brazil, Russia, and Italy are reporting lesser recovery rates.

Recoveries outnumbering new cases on a daily basis have ensured a high recovery rate among patients. The total recovered cases are nearing 99 lakh. 

The rising recoveries have also led to a continuous contraction of India’s active caseload which presently stands at 2,50,183 and consists of just 2.43% of India’s total infections.

Top 10 countries with highest recovered cases:

  • USA: 12,175,841 recovered, 20,128,694 total cases, 60.4% recovery rate
  • INDIA: 9,883,461 recovered, 10,286,709 total cases, 96% recovery rate
  • BRAZIL: 6,855,372 recovered, 7,700,578 total cases ,89% recovery rate
  • RUSSIA: 2,553,467 recovered, 3,153,960 total cases, 80.96% recovery rate
  • TURKEY: 2,114,760 recovered, 2,220,855 total cases, 95.2% recovery rate
  • COLOMBIA: 1,520,548 recovered, 1,654,880 total cases, 91.8% recovery rate
  • ITALY: 1,479,988 recovered, 2,129,376 total cases, 69.5% recovery rate
  • ARGENTINA: 1,426,676 recovered, 1,629,594 total cases, 87.5% recovery rate
  • GERMANY: 1,388,744 recovered, 1,762,637 total cases, 78.9% recovery rate
  • MEXICO: 1,083,768 recovered, 1,437,185 total cases, 75.4% recovery rate

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