Corona Update: 170 districts identified as ‘hotspots’ & 207 as ‘potential hotspot’, says Health Ministry

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  • The total number of coronavius cases in India has risen to 11,439
  • Over 1,000 coronavirus cases were reported across the country in past 24 hours
  • The death toll in India from coronavirus has gone up to 377

INDIA: More than 700 Indian districts are expected to be thoroughly scrutinized on health parameters for the next few days, as part of the government’s massive efforts to contain the spread of the virus. Till now, a hundred and seventy districts have been classified as ‘hotspots’, while 207 have been zoned into ‘potential hotspot’ districts.

Hotspot areas are the ones that have been reporting many cases or have a high rate of growth of coronavirus infections, said Agarwal on wednesday.

The government, in collaboration, with the local authorities has put a containment and cluster strategy in place to deal with the emerging infections from these areas, he said.

Agarwal said that people would be monitored for ‘influenza-like illness’ in these areas as well, through a clearly defined mapping procedure.Special teams have been deployed to carry out the mapping of residents in the ‘hotspot’ areas, he said.

Agarwal defined the ‘non-hotspot’ areas as those which have reported a few coronavirus infections till date but could emerge as “potential hotspots” in the future. He said that the cluster containment plan, jointly devised the Centre and state authorities, would be in place in these areas to “break the chain” of coronavirus transmission in these areas, if it comes to that.

The third category, he said, was that of ‘non-affected’, or ‘green zone’ areas, which haven’t recorded any case of now. Agarwal said that it was crucial that authorities remained in constant touch with “local communities” to check the spread of infections in these areas.

As of April 15, India recorded a total of 11,439 coronavirus infections, resulting in 377 deaths.

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