Corona update: 20,068 New Cases Detected, with 285 New Deaths; Co-Win app to monitor vaccine delivery

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  • 20,068 newly recorded coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours have pushed the case tally of the nation to 1,02,08,823
  • 97,83,258 people have recovered so far, among which 21,350 recoveries have been recorded lately
  • Co-WIN, is the online platform for monitoring of vaccine delivery, testing receipt and allocation

New Delhi: The number of COVID-19 infected people in India surges to 1,02,08,823 with 20,068 newly recorded cases. 21,350 people have fought back from the virus in the last 24 hours, making the total number of recovery 97,83,258. On the other hand, 285 new deaths in the last 24 hours have taken the total number of deceased population to 1,49,091.

Meanwhile, 61 officials and employees working under Madhya Pradesh Assembly Secretariat, along with 5 MLAs, have been tested positive for the virus, just when the 3-day session of the assembly was about to begin.

Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Assam and Punjab, these 4 states will witness a dry run of the COVID-19 vaccination program on December 28 and December 29. The dry run is a testing program regarding the operations that have been planned to fight back the inoculation drive of the deadly virus.

In each of the 4 states that have been selected for the dry-run program, 2 districts will run a test on their preparedness to fight the pandemic in all sorts of medical arrangements including rural and urban healthcare centers as well as district hospitals and private nursing-homes.

“The dummy drive will include necessary data entry in Co-WIN, which is the online platform for monitoring of vaccine delivery, testing receipt and allocation, deployment of team members, mock drill of session sites with test beneficiaries as well as reporting and evening meeting” – announced the Union Health Ministry.

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