Corona Update: Animals Also Prone to Covid-19 Infection; Delhi Zoo Send Samples to IVRI Bareilly for Testing

Story Highlights
  • Sample of some animals sent to IVRI Bareilly
  • Earlier cases of lions being covid-19 positive came from different zoos
  • No severity reported by far

India: In addition to the already worsening condition of human lives being affected by the deadly coronavirus, some animals are also testing positive for it. In recent cases, two lionesses from UP’s Etawah safari park and 8 Asiatic lions from Hyderabad’s Nehru zoological park have tested positive for the SARS-CoV2 virus. 

Though no severity has been reported so far in the case of animals being positive, it is high time the zoological authorities become aware of the infection and take precautions to save them from any fatality. In the rise of these cases, authorities of the national zoological park, Delhi have sent samples of some animals including a lion to the Indian veterinary research institute (IVRI) for testing.

“Samples of some of the animals including a lion had been sent to Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI) in Bareilly. Nothing adverse has been informed or reported so far. Detailed reports are awaited”, said the director of the national zoological park. He further added that all covid protocols are being maintained in the zoo and proper sanitization is also being carried out. Detailed reports of the animals are being awaited.

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