Corona Update: Caseload Reaches 1,04,95,816 with 15,903 Confirmed Cases

New Delhi: India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, on Wednesday, has revealed through their official website that the overall COVID-19 caseload in the country has reached 1,04,95,816, with 15,903 freshly detected cases, while the nationwide current active caseload stands at 2,11,452.

Also, a total of 17,747 COVID-19 infected people have been reported to be cured in the last 1 day, taking the number of recovered people to 1,01,28,457. On the other hand, a total of 200 people died from the viral disease in MoHFW’s latest count, taking the total number of deceased population to 1,51,564.

Notably, the highest affected state Maharashtra has received a total of 9.63 lakhs doses of the first consignment of Covishield vaccines manufactured by Pune’s Serum Institute of India.

As per the statement given by the Maharashtra State Health Department, “A total of 9.63 lakh doses have been received for Maharashtra from Serum Institute of India. All doses were received by the health department at Pune, and from there they were distributed to different cities and districts of Maharashtra”. Mumbai received 1,39,500 doses from the total vaccines allotted to Maharashtra in the first consignment, which was brought to the city in a special Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation vehicle earlier on Wednesday morning.

Contextually, amidst the nationwide COVID-19 vaccination drive, the state of Goa received its first share of Covishield vaccines this morning. According to the Airport Director of Goa, Gagan Malik, two boxes were received by the airport authority at 6:22 AM on Wednesday, which was at once handed over to the health department of Goa.

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