Corona Update: Chhattisgarh effective strategy to fight covid19 applauded nationwide

In other matter, Chhattisgarh's rapid test kit purchase is the talk of the town, Many states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Rajasthan are engaged in revaluation of purchases made at higher rates.

Story Highlights
  • Chhattisgarh to buy 75,000 rapid testing kits from Korean firm
  • State has bought the kits at a rate of Rs 337 (excl GST) much less than the spending done by various other states on the rapid testing kits
  • Central government and RBI praised the state for the way the situation was tackled and managed in chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh: COVID-19 is steadily spreading its wings in India with  17,265 cases throughout the nation including 500+ fatalities, reported as of 20th April.

On one hand, India is applauded by esteemed organization like WHO and the entire world is praising the country’s effort in the fight against novel coronavirus, whereas Chhattisgarh has made its own mark by setting up an inspirational model for other states to combat and prevent COVID-19.

The state is receiving appreciation from the centre & world leaders for the way the situation was tackled and managed. The government of many states along with central is studying and researching, how Chhattisgarh adopted an effective strategy to deal with the corona, despite not impressive health structure.

Meanwhile, many states are contemplating on Chhattisgarh purchased test kits on lower rates compared to other States.

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According to the state’s health department, when the tender of purchasing test kit was issued at the lowest rate, then this issue became a matter of discussion in almost all the states of the country. Reports from different states such as Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and Kerala enunciated to adopt the methods of Chhattisgarh and questioned central to not waste the money on purchasing test kits at higher rates.

One report states that Chhattisgarh government has issued an order for the purchase of rapid testing kit at the rate of 337 rupees plus GST, while in other states this purchasing has been done at the rate of 700- 800 rupees.

Chhattisgarh state government has purchased these kits from a recognized company of Indian Council of Medical Research, so there is no chance of quality to be compromised. After the supply of rapid testing kits, the investigation of corona in Chhattisgarh will increase rapidly. This testing kit will quickly identify the patients with corona infection and prevent the spreading of the virus in the state.

Although in the first tender issued by the health department of state,  the rate of testing kit is proposed Rs 594 per kit, then this whole process was done from the new end. After that Chhattisgarh Medical Services Corporation (CGMAC) had issued short term tender.

This tender has been issued to a Korean company. It is an interesting aspect to understand that Recently State Health Minister T.S. Singh deo contacted the Korean Ambassador of India and had a detailed conversation on this. Also, he also requests for cooperation in the ongoing fight against Corona in the state.

On the topic of purchasing test kits, Health Minister T.S. Singh deo has said that “the state government has followed complete procedure under the guidelines. In case of emergency, there is an exemption for change in the rules of the prescriptions, only after the comparing of rates from all states,  purchasing committee had issued this tender. only after this the ICMR recognize Korean firm was given the supply work.”

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