Corona Update: Chhattisgarh to Set Up Dedicated Centres for Treatment of Black Fungus post Covid

Story Highlights
  • 101 Mucormycosis cases recorded in state
  • District hospitals to establish Post -COVID Wards
  • OPD in Ambedkar Hospital, Raipur furnished to treat black fungus case

Raipur: The Indian states have reported a sharp rise in the number of black fungus cases or Mucormycosis that has claimed 219 lives in India infecting more than 7,250 people.

The Chhattisgarh Health Department has instructed all District Hospitals to set up Post COVID OPDs to ensure premium treatment to patients inflicted with the fungus. The hospital’s authorities are directed to appoint Physiotherapists along with Ophthalmologists and ENT specialists to monitor the patient at the initial stages of the infection.  The staff is also instructed to conduct counselling sessions for patients who present symptoms of mental discomfort.

In the circular issued to the collectors, Principal Secretary, Department, Dr Alok Shukla said,” It has been observed that even after the treatment of Covid-19, patients are showing symptoms like difficulty breathing, fatigue, weakness. At the same time, cases of Mucormycosis among COVID negative patients has also increased in the State. In view of these circumstances, it is very important to start post covid OPD in each district hospital for regular follow-up of patients cured of Covid-19 and treatment of Post COVID symptoms. Availability of specialists and other health workers should also be ensured for treatment of patients in these wards.”

Currently, OPD in Ambedkar Hospital, Raipur is furnished to treat black fungus cases. The ward conducts screening of Post COVID Complications and also screens patients for other systemic issues. Specialists like ENT, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics and Dermatology are posted for timely check-ups.

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