Corona Update: Complete Lockdown Soon? SC Raises Alarming Concerns Over Rising Cases Daily

Story Highlights
  • SC and traders association (CAIT) demands for complete lockdown
  • Predictions for 3rd and 4th wave soon

New Delhi: The daily case of covid infection is spreading like wildfire and it has even crossed the highest mark of 4 lakh per day recently. With the rise in cases so severely and the shortage of emergency supplies and oxygen in the country, the Supreme Court demanded a complete lockdown in the nation to control the situation. CAIT or confederation of All India Traders also requested for the same to the centre.

The trader’s body gave an official statement that states, “Not only have the traders but even the people, in general, gripped with a fear of steep rises in Corona cases across the country. The medical system has been greatly choked and collapsed. Taking a serious note of this issue, the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) has conducted an online survey in which the greater majority of people have expressed their opinion for the imposition of a “national lockdown” and in the context of Delhi, the nomination of a union minister as a nodal Minister to supervise Covid operations in Delhi”.

As per a survey report, as much as 67% of people who took part in the survey advocated for a complete lockdown to control the situation in the second wave of the pandemic. The rising cases have put the nation in an alarming state and there are predictions for a 3rd and 4th wave hitting the country in a few more months, if important measures are not taken with immediate effect. Hopefully, the centre will take an effective decision on the matter soon!

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