Corona Update: Death toll in India crosses the thousand mark ; 200 health workers tested positive in Delhi

INDIA: The death toll due to coronavirus has risen to 1,074 in India while the number of cases has jumped to 33,050, according to the data available on Health ministry website. About 2213 new cases of the virus and 71 deaths were recorded in the last 24 hours according to the official figures.

Currently there are 23,651 active cases, while 8343 people have been cured (discharged/ migrated).

According to the latest data, Maharashtra continued to remain on the top with 9,915 confirmed cases and 432 deaths. With 756 new positive cases and 50 deaths being reported in the last 24 hours, the condition of Maharashtra has worsened.

Gujarat stands at second with 4082 patients and 197 deaths. Next in the list, is Delhi with about 3,439 infected while 56 succumbed to the disease. Lately, over 200 health workers have been tested positive in Delhi.

 Madhya Pradesh has moved up by one place with 2,516 cases and 119 deaths while Rajasthan follows it with 2,364 cases & 51 deaths.

Uttar Pradesh & Tamil Nadu with 2,115 & 2,058 confirmed cases cross the 2000 count. Andhra Pradesh (1,332) & Telangana (1,012) are in the list of states crossed the 1000 count.

The total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in West Bengal stands at 725. The death toll is 22, and 119 people have been discharged after recovery. Meanwhile Himachal Pradesh has reported 40 cases so far, out of which 14 are active. 25 patients have recovered while one person succumbed to the infection, the State Health Department said.

The most-affected states according to the deaths recorded are Maharashtra (400), Delhi (54), Gujarat (181), Madhya Pradesh (119), Telangana (26), Andhra Pradesh (31), Uttar Pradesh (36), Punjab (19), Karnataka (20), Tamil Nadu (25), Rajasthan (51), West Bengal (22), Jammu and Kashmir (8), Kerala (4), Jharkhand (3), Haryana (3) and Bihar (2). Meghalaya, Odisha, Assam, Himachal Pradesh and have reported one death each.

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