Corona update: India approaches the count of China’s COVID-19 cases with 81970 confirmed cases

Story Highlights
  • India's total tally of covid_19 cases crosses the mark of 81000
  • The numbers of the Coronavirus cases in the country have shot up to three times in less than 20 days
  • The number of deaths in India rose to 2,649 with 100 fatalities recorded in last 24 hours

INDIA: With 81970 total positive patients of COVID-19, the tally of India is approaching that of China and according to the trend seems to surpass it by the end of the day. India reported 3,967 new cases and 100 deaths in the last 24 hours.The death toll in the country has reached 2,649. There are 51,401 active cases in the country while 27,920 patients have recovered so far. 

It is to be noted that the numbers of the Coronavirus cases in the country have shot up by more than three times in less than 20 days. With less than 27,000 cases on 25th April, at present there are nearly 82,000 cases.

Important highlights of the Coronavirus Update in India :  Sates reporting maximum cases : 

  • Maharashtra : 27,524
  • Tamil Nadu : 9,674
  • Gujarat : 9,591
  • Delhi : 8,470
  • Rajasthan : 4,534
  • Madhya Pradesh : 4,426
  • Uttar Pradesh : 3,902
  • West Bengal : 2,377
  • Andhra Pradesh : 2,205
  • Punjab : 1,935

States Reporting maximum deaths : 

  • Maharashtra : 1,019
  • Gujarat : 586
  • Madhya Pradesh : 237
  • West Bengal : 215
  • Rajasthan : 125
  • Delhi : 115

Maharashtra, with 27,524 confirmed cases, doesn’t show even a slightest improvement. The capital city of the state Mumbai itself has more cases than any other state. At present, Mumbai has 16,738 confirmed cases, and 621 deaths. Even the death toll of Mumbai is higher than all other states. 

On Thursday, with the third highest number of new infections in the country, Tamil Nadu replaced Gujarat to become the state with the second-highest confirmed cases as well as active cases. The numbers reported by the state are comparatively lower than its previous record but the active cases in the state stand next to Maharashtra. 

Meanwhile, Delhi too has reported a huge surge in cases. The national capital has registered 472 new cases making the count of active cases in the UT higher than that of Gujarat. The death toll also reached 115 with 9 new fatalities on Thursday.

With the second highest death toll in the country, Gujarat continues to report new deaths. 20 new deaths in the state took the total count to 586.

On Thursday, both Rajasthan & Madhya Pradesh detected more than 200 new infections in the state has been rising the active cases in the state. 

Other than the top 10 worst hit states, the numbers are rising at fast speed in Odisha, Bihar & Telangana. 

All other states which had been performing consistently better till now suddenly saw a jump in new infections on Thursday. Assam, Uttarakhand &  Himachal Pradesh have all reported 6-8 new positive cases in the state presenting a spread of virus in the state. 

Jharkhand & Karnataka have both reported nearly 25 new cases making the situation worse for the states. 

The states with the best recovery rate in India, Kerala & Goa have also seen a re-emergence of cases. With 7 new cases reported on Thursday the COVID-19 is again present in Goa which seemed to have disappeared when no new cases appeared for the last 10-15 days.

Meanwhile, active cases in Kerala have now reached the count of 65 as 25 new positive infections were detected in the state. The fight against the virus doesn’t seem to end soon with the second wave being observed in the states that appeared to be victorious. 

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