Corona update: India crosses the mark of 1.45 lakhs confirmed cases; tenth worst hit country in the world

Story Highlights
  • India is now under top 10 worst affected country in the world due to coronavirus pandemic outbreak
  • Out of 36 States/UTs, 35 are now reeling under the radar of coronavirus
  • Nagaland which was the only state to be free of the virus, recorded its first coronavirus case on Monday

INDIA: The growth of coronavirus cases has been expanding every day. Inspite of several measures undertaken by the government of every nation, the leading nations have failed to control the upsurge of the cases. India has superseded Iran and claimed to be in top 10 worst hit countries in the world. On Tuesday, The total number of coronavirus cases in India surged to 1,45,380  Currently, the nation has recorded 4,172 death reports and 60,706 recovered cases of infection. 

On Tuesday, India registered 6,500 new coronavirus cases for the fourth straight day. Maharashtra, the hardest hit state witnessed a slight decline in the daily count with 2,436 cases recorded in the last 24 hours whereas Tamil Nadu saw a surge in the cases with over 800 cases came to light yesterday.

The number of active COVID-19 patients in the country rose to 80,722 on Tuesday. On the positive side, 60,490 people were recovered from the disease. India’s recovery rate from novel coronavirus disease zoomed to 41.6% on Monday, the highest so far.

Maharashtra is ahead of all states with 52,667 confirmed cases. The state has claimed 15,786 cured cases and 1,695 deaths. Maharashtra alone accounts for approx 37% of total coronavirus cases.

Tamil Nadu has proceeded with 17,082 confirmed cases and 8,731 cured cases. The state has reported 118 deaths so far. At least 805 people tested positive for novel coronavirus on Tuesday, the highest surge in a single day recorded in the state.

Gujarat saw 404 fresh coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours, Taking the total tally to 14460 on Tuesday. In the death toll, Gujarat is the worst hit state after Maharashtra with 888 deaths registered so far.

Nagaland registered its first case of coronavirus. Three people who had returned from Chennai tested positive for the virus. Till now, it was the only state in India to not record any COVID-19 cases.

S. No.Name of State / UTTotal Confirmed cases*Active casesDeaths**
2Tamil Nadu170828233118
6Madhya Pradesh68592988300
7Uttar Pradesh65322786165
8West Bengal38162124278
9Andhra Pradesh3110115856
14Jammu and Kashmir166883623
23Himachal Pradesh2231515
29Andaman and Nicobar Islands3300
32Arunachal Pradesh210
33Dadar Nagar Haveli220

Within 13 days, Chhattisgarh has witnessed a huge surge in the number of confirmed cases from 59 on 14th may to 307 cases on 26th may. There are total 72 people who are recovered from this disease till date and the state have not recorded any deaths so far.

The health authorities show concern with the escalation of cases. Several measures have been introduced, but the results are still in vain. The governments are trying to cope up with the pandemic in every scenario.

Meanwhile, More than 5.4 million cases of Covid-19 have been reported worldwide, as well as at least 346,000 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University.

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