Corona Update: India crosses the 70,000 marks with 3,604 new cases & 87 fatalities registered in the last 24 hours

INDIA: According to the latest update of the Union Health Ministry, the Coronavirus cases in India has crossed the 70,000 mark with a major surge in cases across the country since last week. However, the numbers reported today have remained lower than the one reported a day before.The number of new fatalities along with the new infections have also declined today.

3,604 new positive cases of COVID-19 in the last 24 hours has taken the total count of confirmed cases in the country to 70,756. Meanwhile, the death toll reached 2,293 with 87 new fatalities. There are 46,008 patients who are under active supervision whereas 22,455 patients have recovered till now.

The COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t seem to stop with a continuous increase in cases all over the world. Meanwhile, some countries like China, South Korea & Spain allowed relaxations for public life, however the re-emergence of new cases in these countries warn us of the risks involved in the post-lockdown period. 

With no significant improvement the tally of top 10 states continue to rise :

Sr.No.StatesConfirmed CasesActive CasesDeaths
3.Tamil Nadu8,0025,89853
6.Madhya Pradesh3,7851,817221
7.Uttar Pradesh3,5731,73580
8.West Bengal2,0631,374190
9.Andhra Pradesh2,01899845

Maharashtra reported 1230 new cases & 36 fatalities in the last 24 hours. The increase in cases is lower than the previous day but the total active cases have reached 17,747 count with a death toll of 868.

Tamil Nadu continues to struggle in containing the virus as 798 new positive cases emerged in the state on Monday. The active cases in the state has crossed the numbers of Gujarat and is at the second place with 5,898 active cases. The deaths reported in the state have remained lower than many of its counterparts. 

The condition in Delhi has deteriorated in the last 24 hours as 406 new cases were reported with 13 new deaths, a huge number for Delhi in one day. 

Madhya Pradesh has reported more active cases as well as deaths than that in Rajasthan which has a higher number of confirmed cases. The active cases in Rajasthan is lower than that in Uttar Pradesh as well indicating a better recovery rate in the  former state. 

On Monday, UP reported 106 new cases but the number of active cases in the state decreased slightly from the one recorded a day before. With 6 new fatalities in the state, 80 people have succumbed to the disease till now. 

West Bengal has replaced Andhra Pradesh as it jumped one position with 124 new cases taking the total count to 2063. The fatalities in the state continue to rise with 190 total deaths in the state. 

According to the death toll of the states, Maharashtra (868), Gujarat (513), Madhya Pradesh (221), West Bengal (190) & Rajasthan (113) continue to be the top 5 states reporting maximum deaths. 

Meanwhile, other states where the transmission had been slow with less number of cases reported have sped up. Telangana, Bihar & Odisha have reported 79, 51 & 37 new cases taking the total count to 1,275, 747 & 414 respectively. 

North-eastern states Tripura & Assam too have reported new cases. Tripura has seen a rise in cases since this week, however Assam has added 2 new cases today, which had been performing quite well till now. 

Kerala continues to add 7 new cases for the second day. The active cases in the states has now become 26 with 7 fresh positive cases.

Meanwhile, PM Modi will address the nation today at 8pm in the evening. The lockdown in India is expected to end on 17th May, however according to some sources it might get extended in the areas that are highly affected with the virus.

Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal has asked the people of Delhi if the lockdown should be relaxed completely and has further asked suggestions regarding easing the lockdown.

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