Corona Update: India Records Highest COVID Linked Mortalities In a Single Day with a Significant Drop in New Infections

Story Highlights
  • 4,334 deaths reported
  • The Union Health Ministry confirmed 2.63 lakh new infections
  • Convalescent plasma therapy discarded as a treatment modality

New Delhi: India witnessed another dreadful record with 4,334 mortalities in the past 24 hours. The Union Health Ministry confirmed 2,63,021 new infections in the country, meaning 2,52,28,100 have contracted the disease so far.  As per the health bulletin release, the country has a total of 33,53,765 active cases, while the 4lakh recoveries were documented.

According to health Minister Harshvardhan, India will possess over 51 crore vaccines by July. Reflecting on the shortage of vaccines, he tweeted, ” Continuous efforts are being made to increase production and availability of vaccines to further accelerate the world’s #LargestVaccineDrive.”

Taking cognizance of the situation, the national COVID task force disregarded convalescent plasma therapy for COVID patients as a treatment modality. This came as the experimental procedure was found to be ineffective in reducing the progression of the disease or fatalities. In another attempt to wear off the looming effect of the virus, the centre released a new anti-COVID drug manufactured by the DRDO in collaboration with Dr Reddy’s Laboratories. The drug claims to reduce oxygen dependency and significantly improve recovery.

The national capital observed a dip in its active cases, logging less than 5,000 COVID cases for the first time since April 5th. A panel on AEFI (adverse events following immunization) asserted the number of bleeding and clotting events following a COVID vaccine injection in India of which 26 have been identified are “minuscule” and “in line with the expected number of diagnoses”. 

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