Corona update: India records its highest ever one day spike with 11,458 cases; tally crosses 3 lakh

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  • Globally, India stood fourth with 3,08,968 infections after it surpassed UK total tally of coronavirus
  • Maharashtra became the first state to record over 1 lakh coronavirus cases
  • Currently, there are 8 States/UTs in India which has crossed the grim milestone of 10,000 confirmed cases

INDIA: The deadly coronavirus in India has crossed another bleak milestone with a record of more than 3 lakhs cases on Friday. India on Friday reported its highest single-day jump in coronavirus cases in the past 24-hour. As per union health ministry data, India reported 11,458 new cases of coronavirus. The country has also witnessed the highest spike in new deaths with 389 fatalities in the last 24 hours.

Overall, India’s coronavirus cases tally has now surged to 3,08,993, out of which 1,45,779 are active cases and 1,54,329 are the patients who have been recovered from the disease.

Out of 11,458, Maharashtra has recorded over 3493 new cases, continued to add the highest number of COVID-19 cases. Tamil Nadu registered over 1900 cases. For the first time, Delhi reported more than 2,000 fresh cases were reported in a single day.

The death toll in India reached 8,886. The states recorded 389 fatalities in last 24 hours, the highest toll in a single day since outbreak. Delhi recorded 129 fatalities on Friday, higher than that of Maharashtra.

Top States to record new cases and deaths:

Name of State / UTNew CasesNew Deaths
Tamil Nadu198218
Uttar Pradesh52820

Maharashtra became the first state to record over 1 lakh coronavirus cases.  The total number of coronavirus patients in Maharashtra stood at 1,01,141. With 129 fatalities on Friday, the toll in the state increased to 3,717.

Tamil Nadu’s total number of cases in the state has rose to 40,698. The death toll of the state is comparatively lower than many with 367 deaths.

The condition in Delhi has deteriorated in the last 24 hours as 2137 new cases were reported with 129 new deaths, a huge number for Delhi in one day. Delhi is the third state to record over 35,000 coronavirus cases after Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. Currently, Delhi’s total number of coronavirus cases is 36,824 with 1214 death toll.

Gujarat added 495 new coronavirus cases on Friday, taking the tally to 22,527. The state reported the second highest deaths related to COVID-19 infection in the country. At least 1,415 coronavirus patients succumbed to death in the state.

On Thursday, UP reported 528 new cases, taking the total tally to 12,616. With 20 new fatalities in the state, 365 people have succumbed to the disease till now. 

Currently, there are 8 States/UTs in India which has crossed the grim milestone of 10,000 confirmed cases.

According to the death toll of the states, Maharashtra (3717), Gujarat (1415), Delhi (1214), West Bengal (451) and Madhya Pradesh (440) continue to be the top 5 states reporting maximum deaths. 

Meanwhile, ICMR ramped up the testing capacity for detecting the novel coronavirus in the country. “At least 1,43,737 samples were tested in the last 24 hours. The total number of samples tested thus far is 55,07,182,” as per the updated data on ICMR website.

Globally, coronavirus infected over 7,629,227 people. More than 4,90,000 people died due to coronavirus infection worldwide. The highest being reported from US, followed by Brazil and Russia. India stood at fourth in severely affected by coronavirus pandemic.

S. No.Name of State / UTTotal Confirmed casesActive CasesCuredDeaths
2Tamil Nadu406981828422047367
5Uttar Pradesh1261646427609365
7Madhya Pradesh1044328027201440
8West Bengal1024455874206451
12Andhra Pradesh56802495310580
13Jammu and Kashmir47302591208653
23Himachal Pradesh4861832976
31Arunachal Pradesh676340
34Andaman and Nicobar Islands385330
35Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu302820

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