Corona Update: India surpasses France, ranks 7th worst hit country; total tally reaches to 1,90,535

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  • The total Covid-19 cases in the country has topped 1.9 lakh mark
  • More people have died in India than anywhere else in Asia, excluding Iran, despite enforcing the largest lockdown in the world

INDIA: Amidst the spike in the cases of coronavirus, India is now 7th most affected country with 1,90,535 cases. India has surpassed France and Germany whereby; the former has 188882 and the latter has 183494 cases. The United States of America still stands at the top with 1837170 cases of coronavirus. Brazil has announced 514992 cases of coronavirus with more than 143 new cases of coronavirus.

Worldwide, the spread of novel coronavirus has affected 214 countries/islands/territories with no vaccine or potential medicine to cure this virus. With 61,71,182 confirmed cases recorded globally, this pandemic is surely going to stay with us for a long time.

S.No.CountriesConfirmed casesTotal deaths
4United Kingdom2,76,15638,571

In the last 24 hours, India has reported 8,392 cases, preceding the Health Ministry’s 8 a.m. update on June 1, which brings the total tally of coronavirus to 1,90, 535. This was the fourth straight day of fresh Covid-19 cases hitting new highs.

The ministry also reported 230 deaths and 4,835 recoveries across all states, taking the total death toll to 5394 and the number of people recovered from this disease reaches to 91818. The recovery rate has witnessed a surge with 48% — highest ever recorded, is the only progressive outcome in India with the number of cases rising to such new high every single day.

India still has more than 93,000 active cases. Maharashtra accounts for 38% active cases of the total followed by Delhi (10893), Tamil Nadu(9403), Gujarat (5822) and West Bengal (3027)

Tamil Nadu9403
West Bengal3027

Maharashtra is the worst hit with 36040 cases active cases. The state has so far reported 29329 cases of cured cases with 2286 deaths. The state has documented 67655 cases of the virus.

Delhi has reported 1083 active cases. The state has confirmed 8478 cured cases with 473 deaths. Till now, there are 19844 cases of coronavirus.

Gujarat has 5822 cases of the novel coronavirus with 9919 cases of cured. The state has 1038 deaths. There are a total of 16779 total cases.

Tamil Nadu has 9403 active cases of the novel coronavirus. The state has reported 12757 cured cases with 173 deaths. Altogether, there are 22333 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus. 

Assam is the first north-east state with 1083 active cases and 185 cured cases. The state has so far reported 4 deaths. There are a total of 1272 cases of the coronavirus in Assam. 

Manipur has 60 active cases of the novel coronavirus with 11 cured cases of patients. The state has reported 71 cases so far. whereas Tripura has 140 cases of the virus. The state has 173 cured cases with no deaths. Notably, Nagaland has 43 cases with no death reports. Meghalaya has 14 confirmed cases with 12 cured/ migrated/ discharged cases.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands has no active cases. All 33 cases are cured/ migrated/ discharged. The state has also reported no deaths.

Arunachal Pradesh has 3 active cases with 1 cured/ migrated/ discharged case.

Dadar Nagar Haveli has 2 active cases of the coronavirus with no deaths and cured/ migrated/ discharged case.

The number of active cases in Chhattisgarh has 382 with 115 cured cases and no death reports. The total number of cases in the state nears 500 mark with 498 cases recorded till date.

The increasing numbers of cases have concerned the health authorities. Till now no vaccine has been proved to be productive and efficient to stop the growth of the novel coronavirus.

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