Corona update: India’s tally reaches 56,342 with 37,916 active patients and 1,886 deaths

INDIA: India continues to register a spike in the number of cases as it enters the fourth day of lockdown 3.0. The nationwide tally of confirmed COVID-19 cases crossed 56,000 with majorly urban cities reporting greater transmission of the deadly virus. Many healthcare professionals as well as security personnel are affected severely due to coronavirus.

The death toll due to Covid-19 has risen to 1,886 and the number of cases climbed to 56,342 in the country today, registering an increase of 103 deaths and 3,390 cases in the last 24 hours. The number of active Covid-19 cases stood at 37,916. While 16,539 people have recovered & one patient has migrated.

In the last 24 hours, Maharashtra reported 1,216 new cases, slightly lower than its earlier records. There are 13,979 active patients out of 17,974 confirmed cases. 3,301 patients have been cured so far.

Meanwhile the second highest increase has been reported by Tamil Nadu. The state detected 580 new cases taking its total count to 5,409. Gujarat remains at second place with 387 new cases taking its total count to 7,012.

On Thursday, Delhi reported its highest one day spike in new Coronavirus cases. With 448 new infected patients the tally of Delhi stands at 5,980.

However, the death figure has increased marginally with one addition in 24 hours. The recovery rate in Delhi jumped up to 32.29% with 389 recoveries, its highest one-day figure so far. Total 1,931 coronavirus patients have been cured till now while 3,983 still remain active.

Highest deaths in the country have been reported from these states:

  • Maharashtra : 694
  • Gujarat : 425
  • Madhya Pradesh : 193
  • West Bengal : 151
  • Rajasthan : 97

Following states have reported maximum cases:

  • Maharashtra : 17,974
  • Gujarat : 7,012
  • Delhi : 5,980
  • Tamil Nadu : 5,409
  • Rajasthan : 3,427
  • Madhya Pradesh : 3,252
  • Uttar Pradesh : 3,071
  • Andhra Pradesh : 1,847
  • Punjab : 1,644
  • West Bengal : 1,548

After the worst hit states, the states like Punjab, Madhya Pradesh & Rajasthan have detected high numbers of new cases. With 110 new cases, the total count of Rajasthan has reached 3,427 higher than MP (3,252) & Uttar Pradesh (3,071). However, the number of active patients in Rajasthan ( 1,734) is lower than that of MP (1,828) & UP ( 1,759).

Similarly, total cases in Andhra Pradesh remains higher than the total count of Punjab & West Bengal. But the active cases in Andhra (1029) are lower than both its counterparts. Punjab has 1,467 active patients. With 7 new deaths & 92 new cases, West Bengal continues to raise its numbers.  There are 1,033 active patients in the state out of 1,548 total confirmed cases.

After being declared corona free last week, the number of cases in Tripura has shot up. With 25 new cases, total count in the state has reached 65 out of which only 2 patients have recovered till now.

Meanwhile, the Indian government has started bringing back the citizens stranded abroad. According to the health ministry, a huge rise in the confirmed cases is expected as soon as the returned citizens are tested. The state governments have been ordered to make advanced preparations for the testing, quarantining & medical assistance.

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