Corona update: Iran Closes Door For Travelers of India Over Covid-19 Variant

On Saturday, Iran to avert the spread of Covid-19 variant in the country, said that it would not allow travelers from India to enter into their country. Iran is considered as the epicentre of the pandemic in the Middle East.

Iran President Hassan Rouhani said, “The Indian coronavirus is a new threat we face”. He further added, “The Indian virus is more dangerous than the English and Brazilian variants”.

Rouhani said in a statement, “All the eastern provinces should make sure people infected with the virus do not cross the borders into the country”. Iran’s civil aviation organization declared that all the flights to and from Pakistan will remain halted and the move will come into force from midnight Saturday.

Health Minister Saeed Namaki said to the interior minister to “halt the direct and indirect transport of travelers from India”.

The Covid-19 cases in Iran have crossed the 2 million mark. From the last two weeks, the country is under lockdown as it is struggling with a fourth wave of the pandemic. Till now, 70,000 people have died in Iran due to Covid-19.

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