Corona Update: Latin America new epicenter of Coronavirus; Global cases reaches 65,68,000

WORLD: The spread of  novel coronavirus has infected more than 6.5 million people and killed at least 3,87,000 worldwide. With 30,11,421 active cases out of total 65,68,644 confirmed cases, the nations across the globe continue to struggle against an invisible enemy.

More than 1,16,000 new cases & over 4,500 new deaths have been reported in the past 24 hours globally. There have been 3,86,464 fatalities with 28,24,722 recovered cases.

With 19,699 new cases and 995 virus-related deaths reported in the country on Wednesday,The United States has recorded a total of 18,51,520 cases of coronavirus, including at least 1,07,175 deaths. USA remains the worst hit country in the world.

Brazil, the second most affected country reported 1,349 new Covid-19 fatalities in the previous 24 hours, raising the total to 32,548.The country also recorded 28,633 new confirmed cases on Wednesday, for a total of 584,016.

Russia is currently the third hardest-hit country worldwide by the virus following the US and Brazil. With 432277 total cases and 5215 deaths, the country’s official death toll is relatively low.

United Kingdom stands at 4th position with 2,81,270 cases of coronavirus and 39,811 deaths, followed by Spain with 2,40,326 cases of the coronavirus and 27,128 deaths. Next in line is Italy, which stands at 6th position with 2,33,836 cases of coronavirus and 33,601 deaths. The country has 1,60,092 cases of recovery.

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India has climbed to the seventh spot in the global list of top 10 countries with the most covid-19 cases. India has over 200,000 infections and more than 5,000 deaths.

France’s coronavirus death toll rose to 29,024, which is the fifth-highest death toll in the world. The number of confirmed cases stands at 1,88,802.

Germany has 184425 cases of coronavirus with 8699 deaths. The country has recorded 167300 cases of recovery. Meanwhile, Germany will plough 130 billion euros ($146 billion) into a stimulus package to kick-start an economy severely hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

Latin America as a whole has emerged as the world’s worst coronavirus hotspot, with nations like Peru, Ecuador, Chile and Panama also grappling with massive caseloads. Peru stands at 10th worst hit country in the world with 1,78,914 cases and has registered over 4800 deaths.

Pakistan now has 85,264 confirmed cases of Covid-19, authorities said, becoming the latest country to overtake the total in China, where the pandemic began. At least 1,770 virus-related deaths have also been recorded in Pakistan

Mexico has now recorded 101,238 cases — surpassing 100,000 cases mark and becoming the 14th country worldwide to do so.

Meanwhile, George Floyd, the African-American man whose death at the hands of police sparked nationwide protests in the United States, tested positive for the coronavirus, according to an autopsy. However, the virus played no known role in Floyd’s death and he was unlikely to have been contagious.

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