Corona Update: Mutant COVID Strains Arrive; India On High Alert

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  • As per MoHFW, the positivity rate stands at 5.3%
  • Bengaluru records a sudden surge in new cases
  • Health Care experts warn citizens against dropping their guard against coronavirus

New Delhi: Over 87,20,822 vaccines administered under the mega inoculation drive. India paces up against the China-oriented virus.As per the Union Health Ministry; 11,573 fresh cases were recorded in the last 24 hours.

The total caseload of the country now stands at 1,09,37,106. 1,33,702 active cases are observed as per the tally. Net recoveries of 11,794 from the novel virus are reported in addition to the previously cured 1,06,41,903. 

The death toll of the country has risen to 1,55,949 with the addition of another 99 mortuaries. India’s current level of SAR-CoV2 transmission in the country is noted as 5.3%; while the total fatality rate stands at 1.4%.

In the past 24 hours; Punjab has recorded a sudden spike in its caseload with 247 new cases. 198 individuals were discharged after treatment while 5 died.

New coronavirus clusters are reported from South Bengaluru’s Bilekhali area’s SNN Raj Lakeview apartments. A test drive was initiated at the apartment which reported a dozen cases in a couple of days. 

A sudden surge after 2 marriage anniversaries were organized in the residential society. Approximately 100 residents out of 1190 tested have proven positive.

Currently, Karnataka is the third worst-hit state after Maharashtra and Kerala. 250 new cases were recorded against 378 recoveries and 6 deaths in Chhattisgarh.  Jharkhand reported 32 new cases and 39 recuperations.

Nearly 100 deaths and 53 recoveries were witnessed in the already traumatized state of Uttarakhand. 98.8% as the recovery rates as per MoHFW; India shows to combat the pandemic efficiently.

The 32 days of the vaccine program inoculated 1,34,691 individuals through 6,293 sessions. Amongst whom 78,643 HCW’s were vaccinated 1 dose and 56,048 were administered the booster dose.

Approximately 88.5 Lakh citizens are registered to be immunized against SAR-CoV2. Despite such efforts, the nation still needs to be cautious and follow the safety norms. Government officials have reported the discovery of South African and Brazilian strain of the virus in the country.

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