Corona update: Spike in covid_19 cases of “Khaki warriors” sets alarm bells in the country

INDIA: Amidst coronavirus, the numbers of COVID-19 cases are rapidly growing up. The authorities have doubled up the speed in order to detect the number of coronavirus positive cases in India. The rate of increase in coronavirus positive cases has led to some serious threat in the country. There are few positive cases of COVID-19 among the coronavirus warriors.

In India, several states have reported the blooming growth of coronavirus cases among the cops. Maharashtra itself reported 1809 cases among the police personnel whereby; 18 cops have died so far. 

“Mumbai Police regrets to inform about the unfortunate demise of HC Arun Phadtare from Vile Parle PStn. Being in the high-risk age-group, HC Phadtare was on leave for the past few days. We pray for his soul to rest in peace. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Phadtare family”, Param Bir Singh, Mumbai police commission tweeted. Similarly, ASI Bhivsen Haribhau Pingle and HC Ganesh Chaudhari have also lost their lives due amidst coronavirus.

Delhi has claimed more than 250 police personnel to be infected with the deadly virus. To combat the coronavirus, Delhi police has introduced Standard Operating Procedures. The proposal of ‘UV Disinfectant Machine’ by police officials in order to disinfect the papers from the various sources is set in motion.

S N Srivastava has issued an 8-page guideline establishing ‘major thrust to digitalization.’ He projected the idea of sharing the documents via mail or Whatsapp. Station House Officers (SHO) has scheduled a brief meeting with the officers and all the police personnel with maximum social distancing, the officers have been asked to form a Whatsapp group.

Additionally, the police stations must offer a separate area or place for the visitor and the accused beings are to be interrogated in the lock-ups only. Public Facilitation Desk must ensure that the visitor must carry and wear a face mask. Tents should be provided outside the police stations for receiving the complaints of the visitors. The pieces of furniture and the other spaces in the police stations must be sanitized thoroughly.

Also, the order added that police personnel must cautiously deal with a dead body in the presence of a medical assistant.

It has been reported that around 6 police personnel have been infected with coronavirus in Coimbatore. Ram Charan Soran is the first police officer infected with COVID-19.

Ahmedabad has recorded 24 police officers to be infected with the novel coronavirus, 200 police officers were asked to be home quarantine for precautionary measures. The inspector and 15 officers were home-quarantined, 9 traffic policemen were also found to be infected.

Till now India has had 1,38,845 confirmed cases of coronavirus. Out of which, 77,103 are recorded to be active cases and 4,021 patients have died so far.

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