Corona Update: Surge Continues for the Sixth Day; Nation Escalates to the Second Position Globally

Story Highlights
  • India is the second worst hit globally
  • Maharashtra might go under complete lockdown this week
  • Mass violation of COVID norms at Kumbh Mela

New Delhi: India continued to report its hike for the sixth day recording 1,69,914 cases in the past 24 hours. The resurgence claimed around 904 lives while only 75,380 recuperated after medical treatment. 

Maharashtra being the worst-hit state recorded 63,294 cases in a single day. Around 350 died owing to the infection. The state health department is likely to announce a complete lockdown this week. Maharashtra, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh. report significant hikes.

Delhi also witnessed the highest single-day spike with 10,774 new COVID-19 cases and 48 deaths reported. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said this is the fourth wave in the capital and that it is “much more dangerous”.  A meeting will be held today to take steps to curb the spread. 

Nearly a thousand devotees unmasked were gathered near the river Ganga for prayers during Kumbh Mela- one of the largest religious gatherings in the world. Gujrat reported 5,469 cases in the past 24 hours, which took the caseload to 3,47,495. The state health department has reported an emergency in the state.

As the centre deployed teams to the most affected states; Union Health Ministry reported non-adherence of COVID norms in Maharashtra, Punjab, and Chhattisgarh as the cause of the rise. 

Around 50% of the Supreme Court staff have tested positive. This led to the cases being heard on video conferencing, as the courtrooms are shut down to sanitize. The government on Sunday banned the export of antiviral drug Remdesivir and its active pharmaceutical ingredients as demand rocketed.

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