Corona Update: The Surge Continues in India; 5 Other States Reported To Contribute

Story Highlights
  • Infectious cases report a sudden spike
  • Kerala pushed to second place after the precipitous rise in Maharashtra
  • COVID restrictions levied across various states

New Delhi: India’s COVID-19 cases have shown a sudden surge in the last week. Reflecting the surge, the weekly rolling average of daily cases rose for the seventh time. The average which stood at 11,431 cases per day a week ago, has now increased to 13,979. The total count of infectious cases now stands at 1,10,05,071.

A rise of active cases to 1,47,100 is recorded. With 97.2% being the recovery ratio; 9,476 individuals have discharged and summed up the total recuperated count to 1,06,97,014. While the fresh cases swelled up, the fatality due to the novel virus has remained steady. The novel virus claimed 79 lives in the past 24 hours. A total of 1,56,418 citizens have lost their lives.

During the week, Maharashtra reported a sudden spike in its cases pushing Kerala to second place.  The arrival of the mutant strain in the state rose the count of new cases adding 6,971 to the already diseased 21,00,884.

Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackery called the COVID situation in the state¬† “serious” and warned that the lockdown would be reimposed if the rise in daily cases doesn’t cease in the next two weeks. As per his recent statements, it would take another 8 to 15 days to ascertain if the upsurges in daily figures is a fresh wave of infections. He also warned people to follow COVID protocols strictly to avoid lockdown.

Yavatmal was placed under a two-day lockdown over the weekends, while a week-long restriction has been imposed on Amaravati. Chhattisgarh, Pune, Jammu and Kashmir, and Madhya Pradesh are reported to have shown a surge apart from Maharashtra.  Scrutinization of the citizens is ordered to contain the spread.

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