Corona Update: With over 9900 fresh cases; India recorded more than 2.66 lakhs

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  • Covid-19 infections crossed the 2.6-lakh mark on Tuesday, a day after the country ended its two-month lockdown
  • India's total tally stands at 2,66,598, this includes 7,466 deaths and 1,29,215 patients who have recovered

INDIA: COVID-19 or Corona virus has caused a global pandemic and tension all over the world. This is a time that no one had ever experienced. India is no exception. On the 30th of January, India reported it’s first of COVID-19 in Kerala  and since then, the cases have only been on rise. India, currently has the largest number of confirmed cases in Asia and stands fifth globally beating Spain and Italy. 

The number of new cases held steady at over 9,000 for the sixth day in a row. This brings the total number of coronavirus cases to 266598. The states witnessed the biggest jump in daily count as 9,987 cases were confirmed in the last 24 hours.

The first person to die from the virus was a 76 years old man in Karnataka on the 12th of March and since then, 7,466 people have lost their lives. On Monday, India recorded 266 fatalities — the fifth highest.

On a brighter side, a total of 1,29,000 patients have recovered from the virus as well. Over 48% of total coronavirus cases in India have cured since the pandemic emerged.Young people are less prone to this deadly virus. There’s a series in the death pattern, people and especially elderly ones with other health problems and less immunity are much more prone to dying mainly because their body isn’t strong enough to fight the virus and they don’t have the antibodies.

As of today, India has reached a total of 129917 active cases. Currently, the country has

Mumbai became the first city in India to confirm over 50,000 coronavirus cases. As many as 1,311 people tested positive for novel virus in the city in last 24 hours. The total number of coronavirus patients in Maharashtra increased to 88,528 today.

The coronavirus cases in Tamil Nadu surged to a new high. Over 1,500 people tested positive in the last 24 hours, bringing the total tally of covid19 in the state to 33,229. 

In Delhi, At least 1,007 fresh cases were detected in last 24 hours. The total number of coronavirus cases in the national capital rose to 29,943. With 17 fatalities on Monday, the death toll in the state jumped to 824.

S. No.Name of State / UTTotal Confirmed cases*Active Cases*Deaths**
2Tamil Nadu3322915416286
5Uttar Pradesh109474320283
7Madhya Pradesh96382688414
8West Bengal86134743405
12Andhra Pradesh4851203175
13Jammu and Kashmir4285291645
23Himachal Pradesh4211895
30Arunachal Pradesh51500
33Andaman and Nicobar Islands3300
34Dadar Nagar Haveli22200

As the number of coronavirus cases is touching a new high every single day, the World Health Organisation (WHO) warned against complacency and said that the pandemic situation was worsening worldwide. Reports claimed that more than 403,000 people lost their lives due to the deadly virus across the globe.

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