Corona Vaccine: Centre Defends Its Vaccination Policy; Prohibits Any Judicial Interference

Story Highlights
  • Vaccine are sold at Rs 600 and Rs 1200 per dose
  • Centre files affidavit for differential pricing
  • Vaccine shortage continues to haunt citizens

New Delhi: In the latest development, the centre has filed an affidavit to the Supreme Court against the vaccination policy that had differential pricing and shortage of vaccine issues. It said that no “judicial interference” by the court shall be entertained in this policy. While both Covishield and covaxin continue to be the most sorted vaccine, a 3rd Russian vaccine sputnik V shall be rolled out soon for emergency usages. 

In its affidavit, the centre said, “In the context of a global pandemic, where response and strategy of the nation is completely driven by expert medical and scientific opinion, there is little room for judicial interference. Any overzealous, though well-meaning, judicial intervention may lead to unforeseen and unintended consequences… in absence of any expert advice or administrative experience, leaving doctors, scientists, experts and executives very little room to find innovative solutions on the go”. 

The centre continues to bear only Rs 150 as a subsidy for the vaccines and the states add another 300-400 Rs to make available the vaccines at high costs in private facilities. From being free to be sold at Rs 1200 per dose, the vaccine price keeps surging day by day. And the centre has no mood to make it free for the citizens. “Pricing of vaccines is not only reasonable but uniform across the country (after) government persuasion with two vaccine companies”, said the affidavit regarding the decision of some states announcing free vaccination.

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