Corona vaccine: World’s 1st Covid-19 vaccine to be launch by mid-August

Moscow: Russian scientists on Monday claimed that they have planned to launch World’s 1st vaccine for Coronavirus as soon as possible, predicting by mid- August. 

On Sunday, Russia’s Sechenov University said that it had successfully completed clinical trials of a COVID-19 vaccine developed by the state-run Gamalei Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology. 

According to the chief researcher at Sechenov University, results from the trials showed the vaccine is safe. 

“The research has been completed and it proved that the vaccine is safe,” Smolyarchuk was quoted as saying by TASS of its trial. The Gamalei center’s director Alexander Gintsburg told TASS that the vaccine will enter civil circulation’ on August 12-14, he also said that the private companies will begin the mass production by September. 

The World Health Organization said that a vaccine has to go through three phases of studies before being approved for large-scale production.A candidate vaccine usually undergoes industrial production if the last phase shows clear and definitive evidence of its safety and efficacy. 

According to the Moscow times, Smolyarchuk had said that during July some patients showed typical responses to injections like headaches, elevated body temperatures. Infact the symptoms got resolved within 24 hours when vaccine was in trials. 

The trial participants, aged 18-65, will be monitored for six months after their release, added Smolyarchuk. 

The first stage of the vaccine trial at the university was launched on June 18 in a group of 18 volunteers who were vaccinated against the virus.The second group involving 20 participants were administered the vaccine on June 23. 

Russia is one of the countries racing with time to develop a safe vaccine for COVID-19. 

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