Corona Warriors: 196 doctors lost their lives due to COVID19; IMA urges PM to intervene

NEW DELHI: The Indian Medical Association (IMA) on Saturday informed that a total of 196 doctors in the country have succumbed to COVID-19. 

IMA said “As per the latest data collected by the IMA, our nation has lost 196 doctors, out of which 170 of them are above the age of 50 years, with general practitioners attributing to around 40 percent of it.” This is for the safety of doctors who are getting infected with COVID-19 while providing treatment to the people. The IMA represents over 3.5 lakh doctors, spread across the country and they have been providing affordable healthcare services to all.

IMA seeks the attention of the prime minister on this issue. While an increasing number of medicos are getting infected and have been losing their lives every day, major numbers of them have been found to be general practitioners.

The prominent medicos’ body stated that a consequential proportion of the population consult general practitioners during fever or other diseases and its cognate symptoms; they are the initial point of contact as well as care. 

In the letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the IMA seeks him to ascertain proper care for medicos. It also requested to care for their families who are at most risk groups and elongate the state-sponsored medical which includes life insurance facilities to medicos in all the sectors. Dr RV Asokan, IMA secretary general verbally expressed the mortality rate has reached an ‘alarming proposition’ among medicos now due to Covid-19.

“The IMA thus requests the government of India to provide adequate attention for the safety and welfare of doctors during the pandemic,” the IMA statement added.

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