Coronavirus: India becomes the third country to record over 1 lakh deaths due to Covid19 pandemic

New Delhi:  On Saturday Morning Bulletin, India crossed a grim milestone of 1,00,000 deaths due to novel coronavirus. With this, India becomes the third country to record over 1 lakh deaths due to pandemic.

India’s Covid-19 caseload crossed over 64 lakh-mark with 79,476 infections reported in a day, while the number of people who recuperated from the disease crossed 54 lakh, the death toll climbed to 1,00,842.

Daily, India is contributing almost 15 to 25 per cent of global deaths these days. Globally, between 4,000 and 6,000 deaths are being reported every day, while India has been consistently reporting more than 1,000 deaths for over a month now. India reported 33,255 Covid-19 deaths in September, at a daily average of more than 1,100 fatalities.

The deaths per million population, however, is still very low in India, nearly half the world average. Only about 72 deaths per million population have happened in the country so far, while globally 131 people have died per million population. The death rate of India stands at a low percentage of 1.56% of the total count.

Top 10 worst affected States with highest death toll

S.NO Name of the State Total Deaths Today’s Death
1 Maharashtra 37480 424
2 Tamil Nadu 9653 67
3 Karnataka 9119 125
4 Uttar Pradesh 5917 53
5 Andhra Pradesh 5900 31
6 Delhi 5438 37
7 West Bengal 5070 53
8 Punjab 3501 50
9 Gujarat 3475 15
10 Madhya Pradesh 2372 36


A total of 7,78,50,403 samples tested for Covid-19 up to October 2. Of these, 11,32,675 samples were tested yesterday, said ICMR report.

 With an elevated level of recuperations, India was keeping up its worldwide situation as the nation with the highest number of recouped Covid-19 patients, said the Ministry of Health on Friday. 

 The worldwide count of Covid cases remains at 34,817,275. While 25,879,985 have recuperated, 1,032,708 have passed on up until this point. The US, the worst hit nation, has 7,549,076 cases. It is followed by India, which has 6,471,734 cases, Brazil (4,882,231) and Russia (1,194,643)


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