Coronavirus: Malaysia detects new mutation of COVID-19; says 10 times more infectious

Amid the horror of pernicious coronavirus outbreak, Malaysia has detected a strain of the novel coronavirus which has been found to be 10 times more infectious than the pristine Wuhan strain. 

The country’s Health Ministry director-general Noor Hisham Abdullah alerted denizens and verbally expressed the community had to be more meticulous, after a D614G mutation of the novel coronavirus was detected.

Detection of D614G- the mutation has been spotted in three cases from a cluster that ostensibly commenced when a restaurant owner and sempiternal denizen returned to the country from India as per a Bloomberg report. The man had reportedly breached the obligatory 14-day home quarantine and since then sentenced to five months in confinement and fined. 

The strain was additionally found in another cluster involving people returning from the Philippines. On Sunday, in a post on his Facebook page, Dr Noor Hisham verbalized, “It is found to be 10 times more facile to infect other individuals and more facile to spread if spread by ‘super spreader’ individuals.”

He added ”People need to be wary and take more preponderant precautions because this strain has now been found in Malaysia. The people’s cooperation is very needed so that we can together break the chain of infection from any mutation.” 

He integrated the D614G mutation was discovered by scientists in July. It is liable to cause current vaccine research to be incomplete or ineffective towards this mutation and the condition of pandemic may prevail or further deteriorate.

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