Couple Denied Ambulance to Carry Still Born Baby in MP

Madhya Pradesh: The flagrant lack of humanity soared the pain of a couple from Singrauli as their stillborn child was not given an ambulance to be taken back to their hamlet.

The incident took place on Monday when Dinesh Bharti brought his wife to give birth at a neighbourhood hospital. As per the information given by the couple, the doctor who was to deliver the child instructed them to go to a private clinic where they had to pay a fee of Rs 5000. After the couple returned with the said amount fee, the ultrasound of the lady revealed the baby had passed away. Following this, she was allegedly sent back to the neighbourhood hospital by the clinic to deliver their stillborn child.

The hospital which delivered the child later denied the couple’s request for an ambulance to transport the infant’s dead body. Dinesh Bharti put the stillborn infant in the side box of his motorcycle and then headed to the District Collector’s office with his wife and older child to ask for assistance.

The administration is looking into the matter, said district collector Rajeev Ranjan Meena who has called for a detailed probe into the incident.

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