Couple Returned From UAE Tested Corona Positive

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  • Couple returned from UAE have been found corona positive in Bilaspur.
  • 193 people have come from abroad in the district.
  • Thus the number of active patients in the district at present is 31.

Bilaspur: Amidst the threat of the new variant of Corona, Omicron, the couple returned from abroad have been found corona positive in Bilaspur. They have come back from UAE (United Arab Emirates) in the past. Here, within two days, 19 people from America, Japan, France, Bangladesh, Sweden, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Germany have reached Bilaspur. Similarly, the number of people coming from abroad in the district increased to 193. All these 193 people are under the supervision of the Health Department. Everyone has been advised to stay in-home quarantine.

RTPCR has been made mandatory for those returning from abroad. So far, symptoms of Omicron have been found in five people who have come from abroad. Out of which samples of three had already been sent for examination. In which the report of two has come negative. Whereas, along with two new patients, the report of three is yet to come. Health Department officials say that the infection of corona in the district is still under control. But Omicron has concerns. This variant spreads quite rapidly. Officials say that one patient infected with Omicron can infect 300 people. This is the reason why special attention is being kept on those coming from abroad. CMHO Dr Pramod Mahajan has appealed to people to get vaccinated to avoid this new variant of the corona. People who have been vaccinated for the first dose should get the second dose vaccine on time. Along with this, they should also strictly follow the Corona Guidelines.

If we talk about corona infection in the district, so far 65,771 people have been found corona positive in the district. In the report on Saturday, 4 people have been found corona positive. So far 64,528 people have been cured of corona here. 1212 patients have lost their lives due to corona. Thus the number of active patients in the district at present is 31.

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